Business Continuity e Crisis Management

Business Continuity of critical processes for the delivery of your business and the prompt response to customers and the media can make all the difference and allow an organisation to emerge unscathed from negative events of great magnitude or with a strong impact on the company’s image.

Business continuity can be a necessity for both small and large companies and ranges over very different areas such as: ICT processes, supply chain security, the management of remote-controlled industrial processes, the provision of direct services to customers. Identifying the perimeter of intervention ensures the right balance between prudential needs and the efficient use of investments.

GeRiCO supports companies in the analysis of their real needs in critical situations, and accompanies them in the construction of a management system that allows the organisation to have the processes, services, personnel and technologies necessary to continue basic business activities, despite the occurrence of accidents and catastrophic events.

Business Continuity Management is a continuous, cross-company process, but defining such a process is an activity that requires expertise and experience because it is necessary to

Identify activities and processes that are critical to business and corporate health,
Identify incidents and events that could potentially compromise business continuity;
Reduce the risks related to business continuity, managing the consequences by providing adequate personnel, technological resources, production and organisational sites, as well as suppliers
Organise a structure capable of actively reacting to the occurrence of interruptions or compromise of business processes;
Define and execute meaningful tests to verify the identified continuity solutions.


When events are large, the top management of the organisation must know how to act, what to communicate, when and how. Improvisation generates economic, reputational and image damage that companies are often unable to recover from, with losses of customers and market share destroying in a few moments the image built up over years and heavy investments.

GeRiCO can support company management in setting up adequate crisis management, communication and response methods, in connection or separately from a Business Continuity project.