Gerico Security Srl is the first

Cybersecurity Inspection Body

recognized at EUROPEAN LEVEL

ACCREDITED in accordance with

ISO/IEC 17020

The validity of the inspections is attested by the CERTIFICATE, issued by the inspection body that carried out the assessment activity.

On 27 June 2019, the European Regulation (EU) 2019/881 “Cybersecurity Act” entered into force, aimed at providing a European framework for a cybersecurity certification for information and communications technology ICT goods. Cybersecurity becomes a key factor for all European companies. The requirement to prove their capability to ensure the security of the information processed and Cybersecurity will increasingly become a critical success factor for all organizations. Its proof relies on inspections, carried out by independent third parties. The more credible the assessment, the greater the value of the inspection activity



The organization is inspected to provide a clear picture of the Information security and Cybersecurity state according to the four dimensions of the “Cybersecurity Pyramid”:

The Inspection scope can be a specific perimeter of your organization or a third- party organization (for example a supplier) and the activity is carried out in accordance with the criteria as follows:

  • – Objectivity, measuring the current state of art according to predefined parameters,
  • – Neutralitytowards partisan views
  • – Impartialityand absence of conflicts of interest.

The Cybersecurity Inspection Body issues two documents:

  • – The Inspection Report, which reports the current Organization’s Cybersecurity level
  • – The Inspection Certificate which can be used to prove your Cybersecurity maturity to third parties (clients, insurance companies determining cyber insurance policies, regulatory bodies, Public Administration).

The Inspection Certificate is digitally signed. Therefore, should an organization voluntarily provide its certificate to third parties (such as a customer), the latter ones can ask Gerico Security to certify its authenticity by sending a reasoned request and the copy in your possession to:

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