CISO as a Service is the support service over time to ensure corporate information & cyber security

Managing your company’s Information & Cyber Security requires continuous attention, experience and wide-ranging expertise. It requires a Security Governance manager, who can guide activities and choices according to the company’s needs and strategies, and technical cyber security specialists who know how to best configure technological protection systems and can check for vulnerabilities and problems. However, not all companies can or want to have a stable internal structure to deal with this. CISO as a Service’ is a service designed to provide companies with all the skills they need to manage cyber security without the need for a permanent internal structure.

Having a complete cyber security structure, sized for the real needs of the company, and without fixed costs is ideal for every company. The “CISO as a Service” provides companies with the experience of highly qualified professionals who support the company, but only for the time strictly necessary, in order to:

  • Guiding and guiding Information and Cyber Security choices and strategies, as a company Cyber Security manager would do, defining security policies and processes in agreement with the company management,
  • Implementing the necessary procedures internally or to be requested from suppliers,
  • Responding to customer queries and questionnaires, and finding the right balance between their requirements and cost control,
  • Supporting the company’s IT manager in outlining the scope and best measures to be implemented to protect strategic company assets,
  • Ensure through Security Architects and specialists the accurate and effective implementation of technological security measures,
  • Monitor security levels over time in order to maintain high standards,
  • Ensuring the alignment of Information Security and Data Protection measures with national, international and sector regulationsEnsure internal auditing activities for regulatory compliance.


In addition, “CISO as a Service” supports the company to:

– Liaise with suppliers in order to improve the entire security value chain on company and/or customer information,
– Carry out technological checks on applications and systems (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Tests),
– Define Operational Continuity plans that integrate IT technological aspects with business processes and company logistics.


The CISO as a Service is totally defined ad-hoc on the individual customer. Our experience supports the Management in evaluating the most appropriate actions for the company’s situation, after which the methods, services and times are decided by the customer himself.